Welcome to Hot Looks Salon, Hoboken's Premiere Threading and Waxing Salon



100% Natural Threading

Threading is the most natural method of hair-removal. A twisted loop of 100% cotton thread is rolled over the skin to grab and pull hair out of the roots. Each line of thread allows precision and creativity.



Our effective and sanitary waxing services are performed by well-trained and licensed professionals. We are well-known for providing quick and relatively painless experiences. Post wax, aloe vera, rosewater, and a quick application of cold compress will soothe your skin. 


Sugar Waxing (Sugaring)

Sugaring is by far the most gentle and ancient technique for hair-removal. Often credited as nature’s permanent hair removal,  the gentle paste is made from sugar, lemon, and hot water.



 You may bring in any specific design you please or have the artist free hand beautiful cultural illustrations. First time trying henna? Our artist will help you understand the proper way to maximize overall beauty from your designs. 

Hair Styling

Our focus is on healthy hair. Our Stylist experience and expertise ensures overall customer satisfaction.